Zippers for clothing

Zip fasteners are essential accessories for many clothes and garments, from jeans to elegant dresses-. Villa Nardo is a wholesale and retail distributor of a wide range of zip fasteners and zippers for any application.
To replace a zipper and repair a dress, making it look new again, the Company also supplies tailored-made products, customized based on the garment you need to repair.

Fabrics, materials and accessories we use for our zipper are all high quality and from the best brands in the sector.

Tessuti, materiali e accessori utilizzati per le cerniere sono tutti di estrema qualità, con componenti dei migliori marchi nel settore.

Types of zippers for clothing

These are the most popular types of zippers:

Fixed fasteners: for pockets, trousers and accessories;
Separating zippers: for jackets and quilted coats, to open the garment;
Invisible fasteners: hidden in the fabric, to preserve the garment’s harmony and style.

Fasteners for fine clothes

Long dresses and suits often have special zippers that require the right spare part.
The zipper length and material must match, to make the garment look like new again. For instance, an invisible zipper with small slider is perfect for long and very fancy clothes.

Zippers for sportswear

Sportswear often has zippers with tailored-made sizes and features. A sturdy and gliding fastener is very important for sportswear. Puller, slider and zipper are designed to have the perfect performance, in any situation.

Zippers for trousers

Villa Nardo offers a wide range of zip fasteners for trousers. Wide range of fabrics and materials to adapt to any kind of garment, with optional customization.

Zippers for quilted coats and jackets

Zippers are one of the most sensitive parts in jackets and quilted coats, and it often needs to be replaced. Villa Nardo offers a wide range of high-quality and sturdy fasteners to repair jackets, quilted coats and anoraks.

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