Zip fasteners for jackets and parkas

When it comes to quilted coats and jackets, zippers are key, as they ensure the perfect fastening of the garment, making it practical and functional. If the zipper of a jacket or quilted coat breaks or get stuck, the garment can be repaired with the right spare that perfectly matches it.

Types of jacket zippers

Villa Nardo manufactures and supplies custom-made zippers for quilted coats and jackets, perfectly matching any kind of jacket or quilted coat.
Here are some examples:

  • Double slider zippers;
  • Zippers for double-face jackets;
  • Coil zippers;
  • Invisible zippers.

Did your jacket zipper break? No problem

Our experience and craftsmanship allows us to create tailored-made zippers that will perfectly match the garment you need to repair. Jackets and anoraks will be as good as new, with the right zipper.

All fabrics:

Zippers for Leather jackets;
Zippers for K-Way and raincoats;
Fasteners for quilted coats and parkas.

Villa Nardo zippers are sturdy and long lasting.