Zippers for trousers and jeans

Villa Nardo offers a wide selection of zippers for jeans and trousers, to repair or replace broken or worn-out zippers.
We use sturdy high-quality YKK zip fasteners ideal for any kind of trousers.
Our zippers adapt to any kind of fabric, thanks to a wide range of materials and colours available, to match your trousers or jeans you need to repair.

Zipper spares for trousers

Your favourite jeans have a broken zipper? Do not throw them away!

Villa Nardo offers an endless range of zippers to replace and repair trousers and jeans to perfection, with professional results that will make them as good as new.

Not just jeans: you can also replace the zipper on ski, waterproof or sports pants with side or special fasteners.
Our craft zipper manufacturing allows for top-notch customization on every garment.
Villa Nardo, in Milan and throughout Italy, manufactures and supplies top-quality zippers for trousers and jeans.